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Ice cream without an ice cream maker. Translates as “Semi Frozen” INGREDIENTS 1/2 C sugar 3 whole eggs Hot water bath 1/2 C whipped cream STEP BY STEP Cream together sugar and eggs Heat over hot water bath in double boiler It will turn color and increase Read more »

Cast Iron Pizza

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Roll pizza dough into COLD cast iron pan. 3 TBL butter 1/2 C onion Fontina cheese Mozzarella cheese 2-3 types of mushrooms Make sure dough is kind of up on the side to hold ingredients in. Idea:  Cut thin logs of mozzarella and roll up into the crust Read more »

Hush Puppies

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This are approximate guidelines, ingredients and quantities.  I need to debug this later. Cornmeal AP Flour Sugar Salt Garlic Baking Powder Buttermilk Egg Scallions Lump Crab Meat Fry in oil at 360º for about 2 minutes per side Dipping Sauce – Cilantro – Jalapeño – Salt – Pepper – Garlic Read more »

Simple but Elegant Desert Cup

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Use a wine glass, sherbert glass or some other tall clear glass. Put blueberries in the bottom of the glass Cover with a bit of pudding Add a couple of table spoons of granola Add a different color/flavor pudding or yogurt Add a different type/color of fruit Add some Read more »

Breakfast and Lunch for a Dozen

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Breakfast Bacon on crinkled foil @ 400º for 12-18 minutes Break and beat 18 eggs – Scramble in thirds Drop biscuits – in oven with bacon Lunch Hamburgers – 4 oz patties – 4 inches in size Bake 350º for 18 minutes – Flip, add cheese 4 Read more »

Chicken and Pasta

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INGREDIENTS Chicken breast Pork Belly – cut into 1/2 inch pieces Wide pasta – pappardelle Kalamata olives Artichoke hearts 1/4 C dry white wine 1 TBL butter – cold Several basil leaves Parmesan cheese to garnish STEP BY STEP Bring large pot of heavily salted water to Read more »

Cantaloupe Soup

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INGREDIENTS 1 Cantaloupe – Peeled, deseeded and cubed 1 C Philly Cream Cheese 1/2 ± passion fruit puree Small piece of peeled ginger 1 dash Tabasco A few mint leaves OPTIONAL:  Thinly sliced Prosciutto OPTIONAL:  A dollop of sour cream STEP BY STEP Blend first five ingredients Read more »

Lobster Roll Sandwich

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INGREDIENTS 2 TBL Mayo or Miracle Whip 1 tsp Brandy 1 tsp Worcestershire 1/2 tsp Prepared Horseradish Scant Cayenne juice from 1/2 lemon 1 dash Tabasco Rough chopped shrimp, lobster, crab or Krab Italian sub roll OPTIONAL:  Chives OPTIONAL:  Butter lettuce OPTIONAL:  Tomato slices STEP BY STEP Read more »

Cynthia’s Veggie Dip

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INGREDIENTS 1/4 C Mayo or Salad Dressing 1 TBL Dijon Mustard 1/2 tsp Worcestershire Sauce Scant onion powder Scant garlic powder 2 TBL EVOO – Drizzled and Emulsified STEP BY STEP Combine first five ingredients Drizzle in EVOO whisking continually

Guacamole Deviled Eggs

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Recipe mostly by TipHero, with a twist or two from Grandpa. INGREDIENTS Six eggs – About a week old 1 VERY ripe avocado Juice and zest from one lime One deseeded jalapeño – minced TipHero prefers to use a serrano pepper 1/2 tp salt 1/4 tsp black pepper 2 Read more »

Raw Spaghetti Sauce

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This can be used for Spaghetti, Farfalle, Bucatini, Pappardelle… pretty much any pasta. INGREDIENTS PASTA of your choice 4 C fresh tomatoes (deseeded) 3 garlic cloves 1/2 tsp salt 6-8 basil leaves Optional: 1 packet crushed red pepper flakes 1/2 C EVOO Optional: 1/4 C grated Parmesan cheese Optional: Read more »

Simple Crostini

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INGREDIENTS Baguette or French bread Cloves of garlic EVOO Very ripe tomato STEP BY STEP Cut your bread into 1/4 – 1/2 inch slices on the bias (at an angle) Toast for 4 minutes in a toaster oven Rub with Garlic Rub with Tomato Drizzle with EVOO Read more »

Guajillo Chili Wings

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INGREDIENTS Hot corn oil in heavy sauce pan Ten thawed chicken wings Hot corn oil in saute pan 6 dried guajillo chili peppers 10 cloves garlic 4 tsp butter 1/2 tsp pepper 1 tsp oregano 1 tsp salt zest and juice from one lime white wine to deglaze – Read more »

Key Lime Tarts

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INGREDIENTS 1 C sweetened condensed milk 2 egg yolks 1 egg 1/4 C key lime juice 2 tsp key lime zest Prepared graham cracker shells in bottom of ring molds Alternate, you can use a muffin pan lined with papers STEP BY STEP Whisk Read more »

Tamale Taco

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INGREDIENTS Corn tortillas Hot canola or corn oil shredded queso fresco shredded queso quesadilla Arbol chilies Optional toppings:  shredded chicken, shredded pork, lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeños, cilantro, etc. STEP BY STEP Heat a small amount of oil in a pan Heat tortillas till they soften and barely start Read more »

First Watch – Poppyseed Dressing

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First Watch (a local eggery and diner here in Phoenix) has undergone a DRASTIC change.  As it turns out, First Watch was started by four friends, who had an idea.  And a great idea it was.  First Watch has been my wife and my favorite breakfast place for about 25 Read more »

Pizza Scrap Frittata

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INGREDIENTS Left over pizza crusts 3 eggs 1/4 C milk 1/2 C shredded cheese (Mexican mix) yellow and white Crushed tomatoes Basil STEP BY STEP Cut your crusts into 3/4 inch pieces Put into a greased baking ramekin Add tomato pieces and basil Mix your milk, eggs Read more »

Mozzarella Bordered Pizza

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This is a pizza similar to the one served at Pequod’s Pizza in Chicago. INGREDIENTS Lots of slices of mozzarella cheese 1/4 C EVOO Lots of salt and pepper – about 1 TBL each PIZZA DOUGH 3 C Flour 2 TBL yeast 1/4 C very warm (not hot) water Read more »

Mexican Pizza

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This is a Blue Corn Chicken Enchilada similar to the one served at the Rooftop Pizzeria in Santa Fe, NM. INGREDIENTS 1/2 C cornmeal 1 C High Gluten Flour 1 tsp salt 2 TBL EVOO ice cold water TOPPINGS to taste Alfredo sauce Shredded chicken Asadero cheese Green chilies Read more »

Caesar Hamburger Sauce

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INGREDIENTS and STEP BY STEP Mix in 1 C mayo or salad dressing 2 TBL shredded or grated Parmesan 3 anchovies – well crushed 1 pickle – grated 2 TBL sour cream 1 tsp garlic powder Juice and zest from one lemon 1 TBL Dijon mustard Serve as Read more »