.903 Grapefruit Pruning Jelly

by on September 29, 2015
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Why do they call it Grapefruit? Because it grows in clumps like grapes. CLICK HERE to read more.

Definition: bouquet garni – A bag (frequently in a cheesecloth) that is used for infusions, and removed later as the recipe progresses. CLICK HERE to read more.

For the health of your tree, you should harvest some of the fruit before it completely ripens. Pull off fruit where there are for than 5 grapes in a clump. This are actually not waste. While drinking the juice isn’t BAD for you, it can give you a tummy ache if you drink too much of it. A good solution is to make jelly that you use only a bit of at a time.

jelly6 C Freshly squeezed grapefruit juice from partially ripe grapefruit
guts and seeds from four Seville oranges in a bouquet garni
– IF you don’t have Seville oranges – 8 oz liquid pectin or 1 pkg sure-jell
2 tbsp. whole allspice in a bouquet garni
6 drops red food color (Optional) or 1 tsp Jello
If you want more of a marmalade, use the skins from two of the riper grapefruits.
– Chop one up in a food processor
– Cut the other into small (but not minced) pieces
4 C sugar – added near the end
1/2 C corn syrup

Start a load of jelly jars in the dishwasher – Jars only, not the lids.
– Put the lids in a weak vinegar solution in a bowl. 1/4 vinegar, 1 C water

Pour juice into a very large pot or canning kettle.
– IMPORTANT NOTE: This should hold AT LEAST four times the amount of liquid, because it is going to foam up… A LOT
Tie allspice in double-thickness square of cheesecloth; place in saucepan.
Do the same with seeds and guts from four Seville oranges
Add chopped fruit.
Bring all but sugar to a boil and then simmer uncovered for an hour, to concentrate juice.
Remove bouquet garni bags
Add sugar and corn syrup and stir until dissolved.
Bring to a full rolling boil until temperature is 220-223 degrees.
– Not 219… there is a chemical reaction that happens at 220 degrees
Pour into freshly washed jelly glasses immediately and seal.

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