22 Life Hacks

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  1. Chip bag – no bowl – bit a hole in the face of the bag and tear a spiral until you have a bowl
  2. No charcoal? chips work here too. Light and use a a substitute for charcoal. Finishes quickly though.
  3. Corn chips are more along the lines of petro chemicals, so if you need something to start a fire on your camping trip, try Doritos.
  4. Sterilize your sponges by putting a damp sponge into the microwave for two minutes
  5. CD Case – Use for transporting bagels
  6. Website for using leftovers – www.MyFridgeFood.com
  7. Repair scratches on a table:
    – Rub with a walnut – get all of the oils into the crack
    – Rub the oils in with your finger
    – Clean with a soft cloth
  8. Elevator – Easter Egg – Close and your floor at the same time – Straight up
  9. Nervous – Chew gum – Body has nothing to fear or wouldn’t be eating
  10. Use a dab of honey for pimples or a cut. Use toothpaste for a bee sting.
  11. Slow sink ? Use a toilet plunger
  12. When buying a used car, NEVER pay the asking price on a car lot.  Have a price in mind, but start at about 20% lower than what they are asking.  Find a couple of flaws, or some things you don’t like about the car.  Also, carry cash to the lot, and they will start foaming at the mouth.  Don’t be afraid to walk away – also don’t fall prey to their guilt trips.
  13. Coffee Filters – Use for pinch pots or splatter guard in microwave
  14. Lock screen on phone or iPad – “if found, please return to”
  15. V to keep waxed paper or saran wrap roll in dispenser
  16. Bagel freshener – wrap in wet paper towel and microwave 15 seconds
  17. Juice bottle for power failure – See tip and picture this website
  18. Book: How to Rebuild the world from scratch by Lewis Dartnell
  19. Separating eggs: Put all eggs into a bowl, then use a water bottle.  Squeeze, touch yolk, release.
  20. Dicing an avocado for guacamole:  Halve the avocado and remove the pit.  Push into a cross hatch bread rack.
  21. Cutting a Kiwi: Halve the kiwi and scoop out meat with a soup spoon.
  22. Pitting a strawberry: Use a (firm) soda straw.  Push through the tip and shove up to the leaves.

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