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1. Use a Santuko Knife for delicate slicing, such as butterflying a breast. It is thinner than butcher knives. It’s not good for mincing though. Use a butcher knife for this.

2. When choosing a meat cleaver, get one with about 65% of the weight toward the front. A cheap option is a hatchet.

Knife Sharpening

Two things that you can do to a knife:
1. Sharpen
2. Hone

Use only a professional knife sharpener
Sharpen for (1) long lasting or (2) sharpest edge
The BITE is the ability to hold an edgeHoning:
Use a sharpening steel to realign.
Does not actually sharpen
5 both directions, then 3, then 2, then 1

Knife sharpening:
1. Belt sander
2. Grinding wheel

Cutting board
Don’t use glass
Don’t wash in dishwasher
Do keep clean
Do use steel every time you use the knife
Do use wood or poly cutting board
Do store in a safe place

20º utility blade – not as sharp, but will not dull as quickly

15º sharp blade – very sharp, but will dull more quickly

Top knife sharpeners
Get one with a high guide hip – minimizes wiggle

  • #1 Chef’s Choice Trizor XV edge $150
  • #2 Chef’s Choice – Electric – Diamond 316 Asian Knife Sharpener – $80
  • #3 Chef’s Choice – Manual – Pronto diamond hone Asian Knife Sharpener – routine sharpener – $50

Three types of sharpeners

  • Carbide
  • Ceramic
  • Diamond

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