Tips: Tomatoes

by on August 4, 2012
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  • Do not use over-processed tomatoes for tomato sauce.
  • Use whole tomatoes or diced tomatoes in sauce, but never stewed or crushed.  Texture is nice.
  • Remove seeds to reduce bitter taste
  • Use canned tomatoes out of season, and fresh within season
    Tomatoes are in season during the summer: April through August
    September until March use canned.  San Marzano is a good choice.
  • To peel a tomato, cut the top and bottom, then quarter.  Cut out seeds.  Slide your knife right along the skin of each quarter.
  • Tomatoes with cracks in them have had uneven watering.  Flavor could be compromised.
  • Tomatoes with a green shoulder got burnt by the sun.  Just cut it off, and it will taste fine.
  • A wrinkly tomato has been in the fridge too long.
  • Oh… and don’t refrigerate your tomatoes.  Use them though before they go bad.


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