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Sesame Oil

  • Health: Poly- and Mono-Unsaturated Fats
  • Smoke Point: Low temperature
  • Best Use: Low temperature cooking and dressings

Olive Oil

  • Health: Mono-Unsaturated Fats and AntiOxidents
    Reduces inflammation and lowers heart disease risk
  • Extra Tip: Look for cold pressed or extra virgin which means that the oil has not been treated with chemicals or exposed to heat.  Extra Extra Virgin is a waste of money and just marketing.
  • Shelf Life: Try to use within 6 months of opening.  It starts to lose anti-oxident properties
  • Best Use: Use for frying eggs at about 350º

Canola Oil

  • Smoke Point: High temperature
  • Best Use: Use for frying

Corn Oil

Peanut Oil

  • Storage: Refrigerate or it will go rancid. Will be usable for about a year if refrigerated.  Less than six months if not.
  • Mono unsaturated fats and the antioxident reservatrol which is found in red wines
  • Smoke point: High temperature
  • Best use: Stir fry, sautee, and roasting

Walnut Oil

  • Health: Omega 3 Fatty Acids – good for your heart and your brain
  • Smoke Point: Low temperature
  • Best Use: Use for vinaigrettes and drizzled on veggies

Grapeseed Oil

  • Full of antioxidents and anti-inflammatory properties.  Heart-healthy Poly Unsaturated Fats and Vitamin E
  • Flavor: Neutral.  Mixes well with herbs and spices

Flax Seed Oil

  • Concentrated Omega 3’s and Omege 6’s
  • Health: May ease stomach problems
  • Storage: Unstable, so will keep in the refrigerator about three months

Avocado Oil

  • 70% Heart-healty mono unsaturated fats
  • Smoke Point: High temperature
  • Flavor: Smooth nutty taste
  • Cost: Higher than most
  • Storage: Cool dark place for up to a year


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