Food Preparation

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You will notice that safety and cleanliness are two of the top things that famous chefs say is most important when preparing food. Here is a quick summary of what you NEED to know.

Practice knife safety. Use a knife that feels good in your hand. When chopping, keep the knife blade in contact with your cutting surface at all times, and keep the fingers holding whatever you are cutting tucked in so they don’t get snipped.

Keep things clean. Avoid what is called cross-contamination that happens when you handle something like chicken, then pick up vegetables before washing your hand. Likewise, keep your cooking equipment equally clean.

Temperature. Sometimes things LOOK done, but they really aren’t. Invest in a good thermometer, then use it. For example: Cook chicken until the internal temperature is at least 160 degrees or it could make you sick. Don’t hard-boil eggs in water over 190 degrees or they get rubbery.

Taste as you Cook. Some people say this is a bad thing, but how are you to know if something is too salty… or not salty enough… unless you taste it?!?