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by on January 8, 2016
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Here is a list of many appetizers that are fairly easy to prepare.  Listed appetizers are from magazines, the Internet, TV shows, with many also created by Grandpa.  Click on the name of an appetizer to see the related photo or the recipe.

An Amuse Bouche is slightly different though than appetizers.

Sprinkle on top or on the plate. Add to taste:
Chili flake
Fresh oregano
Minced garlic
Lemon zest
Crushed black pepper

Serve with grilled bread or crackers

Here are a few slightly more complex appetizers.

Here are some brief descriptions.  Let your imagination go wild.

  • Antipasta Skewers – Use rosemary twigs for skewers.  Clean twig, leaving a bit on the end.
  • Chip Scoops – Use a slice of cheese to isolate the chip from the liquid, then add salsa or guacamole.
  • Chicken Nibs – Dip cooked chicken pieces in honey, let drip dry, then roll in sesame seeds.
  • Fried Mozz Stick Wraps – Halve fried mozzarella stick, pair with an avocado slice, then wrap in precooked bacon.
  • Donut Holes – Dip in caramel syrup, let drip dry, then roll in crushed praline chips.
  • Tomato Dip – Heat EVOO, garlic, tomato, basil and salt.  Blend and serve hot with bread pieces.

The point is:  If it is edible, it can be turned into an appetizer.


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