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Basic Lemon Curd

by September 16, 2017

Basic Lemon Curd Gives new life to yesterday’s French Toast. Great as a desert pudding all by itself too! INGREDIENTS 3 egg yolks 1 whole egg 1 cup granulated sugar 2 dashes of salt lemon zest and juice of 4 lemons ( 3/4 – 1 C ) 1/2 C Read more »

Peach Tart


Filling Cut peach into 12 slices Melt 2 TBL butter in a skillet Glaze the peaches Sprinkle with a bit of sugar Sprinkle with a bit of 5 spice powder (* or below) Add 1/4 C brandy Reduce and caramelize Remove peaches Add a bit of water to deglaze Read more »



I don’t have a good brioche recipe, but I found one I like at Epicurious.com Brioche is a great choice for dessert bread puddings. This is a basic brioche recipe that is soft, light, and intensely buttery. For those who desire even more butter, it can be increased to Read more »

IRC Bread Pudding


Recently the IRC has started to issue Bread Shares. With this program you get baked goodies, fresh from the oven. Tuesday will remain the distribution day, so as the weekend rolls around, here is a recipe you might want to try. This recipe will make two small casseroles. INGREDIENTS Read more »

Meat and Cheddar Pies


Ingredients 12 Rhodes Frozen Dinner Rolls – one ball for each pie 1/2 C Ground or shredded meat 1/2 C Shredded cheddar cheese 1/2 C canned Mixed Veggies (drained) 1/2 tsp Garlic powder 1/4 tsp Salt and pepper to taste Step by Step Let balls defrost and Read more »

Basic Tomato Soup


Ingredients 1/2 onion – caramelized 1 TBL butter 1 TBL tomato paste 3 cloves of garlic – chopped – lightly caramelized Small handful of basil 1 TBL ketchup 1 C white wine 4 Fresh Heirloom tomatoes Salt and pepper to taste Step by Step Turn stovetop to Read more »

Tuna Salad


Ingredients Canned tuna belly in EVOO Chopped cucumber – green olives – onion – pickled jalapeño – fresh jalapeño – celery – carrot – cilantro Mix with Mayo, lime juice Salt and pepper to taste

Tuna Tar Tar


Adapted from Jeff Smedstad – Elote Cafe in Sedona, Arizona. Jeff’s Special Elote Mayo Mixture 1/2 C Best Foods mayonnaise 1 tsp granulated sugar 1/2 tsp granulated garlic Salt and pepper to taste Choloula to taste 1 TBL fresh lime juice Ingredints 1 LB Grade #1 Tuna Read more »

Red Onion Garnish

by September 15, 2017

This is good for on top of a citrus salad, a hamburger, or many other things. 1/2 C hot red wine vinegar 2 tsp sugar 1 onion – slivered Mix and let rest at least 20 minutes Store in refrigerator for a couple of weeks  

Make your own Date Bars


Step by Step Grease bottom of baking pan with butter Filling Chop 3 C dates and add 1 C * simple syrup. Cook, stirring frequently, until thickened – about 10 minutes * Simple Syrup 1 C water plus 1 C sugar Read more »

Stuffed Poblanos


Step by Step Soak corn (unhusked) for 15 minutes  (Optional: Trader Joe’s Roasted Corn) Burn (char) husk on grill or oven at 500º Roast and peel 2 poblano peppers SEE VIDEO Slice open and remove seeds Cut corn from the cob Add seeded and diced tomato 2 TBL Hatch Read more »

Quick Guacamole


Quick Guacamole INGREDIENTS 1 avocado – very ripe 1 jalapeño – seeds and veins removed – diced small 1 serrano – seeds and veins removed – diced small 1 TBL minced onion 2 tsp minced garlic 1 tomatillo – diced 1/4 C cilantro – chopped 1 T lime juice Read more »

Salsa del Sol


Mexican Cantina Salsa Roasted tomatillos, roma tomatoes and garlic . 350° for 25 minutes Puree Sautee onions Add Mexican oregano and a splash of tomatillos Add shredded turkey or chicken Put on tostada shell Add crema and diced avocado Serve with salsa

Wholly Crepes

by August 28, 2017
Image for Wholly Crepes

A shout out to Rick from Hallifax – Chef at Wholly Crepes.  To find him near the cruise terminal, just go to the Farmers Market and he will usually be there.  Photo to the right. Rick was very hospitable.  He allowed me to photograph his menu board (photo left – Read more »

Strawberry Dessert

by August 24, 2017

Ingredients 3/4 C Ricotta cheese 1/4 C Grated dark chocolate Zest (fine) from one lemon 1/2 C powdered sugar Nice big strawberries Step by Step Mix first four ingredients Pipe a base pile of filling on a plate Slice an X in tip of strawberry Place upside Read more »

Puff Pastry Cream Horn

by August 6, 2017
Image for Puff Pastry Cream Horn

Here is a recipe I created after seeing the contestants make Puff Pastry Horns on The Great British Bake-off.  This recipe makes 12 horns. Ingredients Commercial Puff Pastry Sheets Lemon Curd Filling 3 egg yolks 1 whole egg 1 cup granulated sugar 2 dashes of salt lemon Read more »

Butternut Squash Gnocci

by August 1, 2017

Step by Step Bake 1/2 of a butternut squash at 375º for 30 minutes Scrape out the meat Chop and squeeze the liquid out of it Push through a ricer or food mill Mix with one boiled (peeled) cooled pototo, also through a food mill Mix with 1 egg Read more »



Sweet Potato Gnocci Easy Ricotta Gnocci Gnocci in a Pan Sauce Potato Gnocci Gnocci with Tomato Sauce Butternut Squash Gnocci

Chocolate Mousse Pie

by July 29, 2017

Crust Crumble 28 oz  Oreo cookies in a food processor Drizzle in 4 oz clarified butter – emulsify Bake 10 minutes at 300º – then remove and cook at least 30 minutes Inside Break 24 oz Semi sweet chocolate morsels into a large mixing bowl Add 2 Read more »



Personal Carrot Cake This makes a cake small enough for two people Showpiece Carrot Cake As tasty as it is beautiful Carrot Cake A private recipe from Iona James Ormshy’s Whole-Wheat Carrot Cake This is from Cindy’s Recipe Cards