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Egg addendum

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Discard the little floating strands of congealed white Robert@RobertAndrews.NET

Pan Poached Eggs

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Bring a medium sized pan to a full boil. Add a quarter cup each Apple cider vinegar and salt Reduce heat so that it is a light summer. Using a spoon, stir the water to create a vortex in the center. Carefully slide the eggs into the center of the Read more »

OIive oil: grandpa’s note

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OIive oil is at the peak of flavor 2-3 months after production. It should be discarded 20 months after production Top taste test was Bertolli EV olive oil

Gas grill hamburgers

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Turn gas grill on medium with cast-iron skillet in place When gas grill reaches 500° turn to low and put burgers on For medium cook for 444, for medium rare Cook 333, for rare Cook to 222 Flip and cook other side to 222

Apple radish slaw

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Julienne strips of two Granny Smith Apple and one Gala Ten radishes – cut into thin slices or julienne strips 1 TBL Dijon mustard 1 tsp apple cider vinegar Juice and zest from one lemon Salt and pepper to taste Based on a salad served at Sun Up Brewery in Read more »

Cuisine of Arizona

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Here is a link to a comprehensive list of upscale restaurants in the Phoenix area: cuisineofarizona.com/

Butters for Popovers

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Snake Cake

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This recipe is for a no bake cake. There is no reason you couldn’t use a round cake pan and bake a cake snake. Robert@RobertAndrews.NET


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3 Large eggs 1 cup whole milk 1 cup AP flour three TBL butter . Melted Scant salt Bake in cups at 375 for 40 minutes Slit top Bake 10 more minutes Serve stuffed with cream cheese or Cham

Olive Garden sliders

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If you’ve ever eaten at Olive Garden, you are familiar with their buttery garlic breadsticks.  They just keep coming.  If you ask for some near the end of your meal to take home, they always oblige.   You can create tasty little sliders with the left-over bread sticks. For Grandma, Read more »

Westinghouse SK-32H540S-B_Manual

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Westinghouse-SK-32H540S-B_Manual.pdf Sent from my iPad

1107271L Maytag bottom freezer refrigerator

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1107271L.pdf Sent from my iPad

LG Refrigerator Manual

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MFL62184416_Sign3_E.pdf Model LFX25991ST French door refrigerator Bottom freezer drawer

Steve’s Chicken Burrito

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Ingredients 1/2 LB shredded precooked chicken 1 onion 2 Roma Tomatoes 1 or 2 jalapeños (optional) – Seeds and veins removed 1 TBL tomato paste 1 taco seasoning packet Step by Step Brown the chicken in 1 TBL butter (Ground chicken is OK, but not as good) Read more »

Egg Taco

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You have PROBABLY had a taco some time in your life, or at least heard of one, so are familiar with the concept. With this breakfast recipe, you eliminate the taco shell and replace it with an egg. INGREDIENTS 1 egg for each taco 1 thin slice of toast Read more »

Sugar Cream Pie

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Ingredients for full pie crust 1 DEEP DISH pie crust, at room temperature FILLING 4 TBL cornstarch 3/4 C white sugar 4 TBL butter, melted 2 1/4 C heavy cream 1 TBL vanilla FOR TOPPING 4 TBL butter, melted 1/4 C sugar 1 TBL ground cinnamon Alternate for Read more »

Green Bean Casserole

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This is the classic dish from most of our childhoods. INGREDIENTS 1 regular sized can Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup 1 C whole milk – I like to use lowfat buttermilk because it is thick and creamy AND it is low fat.  Two good things! 1 tsp soy Read more »


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I made a label for my jar, but I am not sure it ever made it into Grandpa Cooks.

Fried Egg Taco w/o the Taco Shell

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Ingredients Egg Garnish Toast Step by Step Separate your egg and yolk. SLOW cook your egg white over medium low heat Once it has set (2-3 minutes) you can add your yolk back on Continue to let it cook until it becomes harder (like a taco shell) Read more »

Shelling a Lobster

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PREPARATION Get large pot of water to boiling Look for cross line on back Pierce quickly with a butcher knife Down and through to front Straight into heavily salted boiling water for 2 minutes SHELLING Snap off the claws Break tail at proximal joint . Twist Press tail shell to Read more »