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Purchasing Your Avocado

  • When selecting an avocado, if you are planning on eating it right away, get one from which the stem falls off easily, but is still somewhat green underneath.  If the underneath has turned brown they are overripe.  If the stem does not come off, it is good to sit on your counter for a few days until it ripens.
  • If you can only find an unripe avocado you can have it ripe by tomorrow if you place it in a bag with a banana and let is rest for 24 hours.  The gas produced by bananas ripen produce.  Because of this, don’t store bananas with your fruit if you don’t want them ripened.

Peeling, Slicing and Dicing Your Avocado

  • Halve the avocado. You may have seen people hack the seed with their knife. Be very careful if you do this, because it is very easy to get your finger too.
  • I prefer to slightly squeeze the avocado, and the seed will nearly pop out.
  • You can score the avocado right in the skin, then just scoop it out with a spoon. Here is a video by Expert Village.
  • If you are making a lot of guacamole, after you halve the avocado, press it through a bread drying rack that has metal struts going both directions creating a grid. Just press the avocado through this into a bowl.
  • You can also scrape an avocado against the side of a glass. Here is a video by Crazy Russian Hacker.

Misc Avocado Information

  • I am from Ohio. Back east avocados are called mangoes. Bell peppers are also called mangoes. Here in Arizona mangoes are called mangoes, avocados and called avocados and bell peppers are called bell peppers.


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