Basic Omelette

by on June 2, 2014
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Use small nonstick pan
Beat two eggs until white and yolk is incorporated, but not completely homogenous
Use a whisk to incorporate lots of air for a lighter omelette.
If you like a really really light omelette, take out the yolks and beat the egg whites for a while. Add the yolks back in and then continue beating.

Bring temperature of pan up to 280° – 320°
. Small drop of water should splatter
Put in 1 tablespoon cold butter
Move butter around to coat pan

. Ideally, melt butter in a small pan to separate out solids. Use only the clarified butter. Clarified butter will not burn as easily as whole butter.

Add egg to medium hot pan
Move pan around to spread yolk into cooked areas
Once your has been mostly cooked, add your toppings
Toppings should be precooked
Roll omelette over to make a small tube
. French style omelettes are rolled
. American style omelettes are folded

Egg should be cooked, but not browned
Top with garnish of your choice

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