Basic Sourdough Starter

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If you would rather make your own starter, you can use this recipe. We’ve tested it, so know that it works. We recommend using Carl’s Starter. The quality will be nearly identical, and Carl’s is a piece of American History dating back over 170 years.


1 CU flour
1 CU water (some recipes call for milk instead)
1 package yeast mixture (or 1 TBL)
1 TBL sugar

Step by Step

1. Mix yeast and sugar in 1/2 CU warm water. Let stand 5-10 minutes.
2. Mix all other ingredients together and put in glass container with loosely fitting lid (to allow gasses to escape)
4. Let sit at room temperature overnight (12 hours) on first day
5. Place in fridger next morning and stir daily with a wooden utensil. (I use a disposable chop stick) each morning. Don’t use metal, as it reacts adversely with the yeast.
6. After fifth day, your Sour Dough Starter is ready for use.

Sour dough from places such like San Francisco have their “special” taste because of the molds and yeasts indigenous to that area. If you pay for a Sour Dough Starter, it will have the taste of the area from which it originates initially, but as you halve the starter (each time you use it) the tell-tale taste will diminish each time, until it takes on the characteristics of YOUR region.

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