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Beef Ribs

1. Cut rib rack in half to get 3-4 ribs per rack. Leave fat back on. Season/coat your ribs with Grandpa's Thunder Powder, Arghh Powder, or other. depending on how spicy you want your coating, then let sit on counter 1 hour. Even better: In refrigerator overnight!
2. Cooking- 250°-300° in grill , 30 coals, use thermometer. Pile up on side of grill, wet wood on coals, trap down to regulate heat.
3. Ribs on – meat side down, fat on top, cook ribs 1 hour.
One hour add more coals and flip ribs, add 20 coals and another wood block, cook another hour.

BBQ Texas Beef Ribs

Also works for Baby Back Pork ribs

1. Cut ribs to 3 or 4 per section
2. Use 1 tsp rub per section. Leave fat on the back, let sit on counter 1 hours.
3. Grill temp is KEY! 250° – 300°, 2 – 2 ½ hours
(30 coals). Pour coals to one side – preheat 5 min, put meat on opposite side.
4. Ribs – fat layer facing up, vent grill 2/3 open, maintain temp, cook 1 hour, put 20 more coals on and another steam log on, flip ribs, cook another hour.
5. Start testing for doneness, cook up to 45 more minutes. Done when you stick w/ fork and it releases fairly easily.

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