Beets with Cheese

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1 Red Beet
1 Yellow Beet
1/2 CU goat cheese
Olive oil
Rice – cooked (cooking instructions not included here)
1 lemon

1. Wash beets and cover with olive oil
2. Roast @ 350 for 60 minutes
3. Remove from oven and cover. Let sit for another hour
4. Peel (using a towel)
5. Dice Red beet into small cubes (reserve juice)
6. Julienne Yellow Beat into thin “toothpicks”
7. Squeeze lemon over both beets
8. Use round measuring cup with push cylinder (or ring mold)
9. Layer in center of plate with rice on bottom, then red beet, then goat cheese, then more red beet
10. Surround with scattered yellow beets
11. Drizzle reserved red beet juice in circle around “tower”
12. Serve with parsley or micro greens on the side of the plate

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