Boiled Bacon ?!?

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This is a tip from America’s Test Kitchen

Rather than cooking bacon in a hot skillet, where some pieces are overcooked and others are rubbery, try this:

  • Put bacon in the bottom of your skillet
  • Add water just to cover
  • Turn the heat up to high
  • When the water starts to boil, reduce the heat to medium
  • Boil off all of the water
  • When the water is gone, reduce the heat to medium low
  • When the bacon is fully cooked you will see your bacon in just a bit of grease
  • Remove and blot the bacon
  • This should have a nice bite to it, be crisp yet chewy



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2 Responses to Boiled Bacon ?!?

  • I will have to try this! Great idea and sounds promising.

    • Robert Andrews says:

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