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by on December 4, 2013
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Braised beef . Rollover Cooking aka Leftovers
Basic 5 pound chuck roast
Brown all sides
Put in good red wine
Slow cook three hours . See recipe below

Two poached or baked chickens
Enchiladas, soup, chicken stew,

On top of meat, Layer of potato, followed by seasoning, sweated onion mixture, tomato, parm cheese… then repeat.
Onion mixture: Satuee onions with with stripped chopped rosemary, basil, evoo, garlic
Pour extra can sauces over top, evoo and basil
Slow cook three hours . About 250 degrees
Let set at least 30 minutes

This is your BASE

Chop meat and put on top of hashbrowns and then top with poached egg.

Roasted squash and red onions
Risotto in rounded bottom pot
Hot evoo, onion, one clove garlic
Wooden spoon
Non caramelized short grain rice to coat
Cook about 20 minutes
Add white wine
Heat stock or meat drippings a bit at a time
Add until creamy sauce NOT MUSHY
Add meat, onions and squash
Broccoli or asparagus… Maybe collards
Top with butter or evoo

Roma tomato, halved, seasoned, evoo
. Bake 350° for 20 minutes
Moist shredded meat
Spinach or similar
Creamy cheese . Brie consistency
Cook in hot buttered skillet

Bolonaise Sauce
Sauté Mirepoix veggies
Add diced pepper and garlic
Add diced tomato, red wine, salt and pepper
Add leftover meat
Add Parmesan rind if you have it
Simmer until reduced and the meat is broken down

Shepherds Pot Pie
Stuffing and meat
Mashed potatoes and cheese topping

Carbonara . NOTES
2 eggs
Parm cheese
Bacon pieces
Hot Pasta

Left overs . Add
Cracked eggs and seasoning
Start on stove top until edges start to cook
Sprinkle with extra cheese
Put in oven at 300° for 20 minutes
Turn out of the skillet and serve upside down


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