Braising . Which cuts

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Braising . Which cuts
More flavor
Harder worked muscle groups
Legs, neck, shoulder

Slow cooker

First cut . Square, fairly uniform and rectangular
Second cut . Deckle . Marbling . Better braised
. Serve with reduced honey and brown sugar
. Like bacon ?

Chuck Pot Roast
. Chuck eye . Shoulder
. Plate short ribs . Tasty
. Cut Flunken style . Lots of meat

Oxtail . Lots of connective tissue
. Braise on the bone
. Brown, water, salt, pepper

Center cut veal shanks . Oso buco
. Ask for the hind shank

Lamb shanks . Fore shanks
. Front shoulder
. Remove and cook separately

Lamb neck . Connective tissue
. Collagen breaks down slowly

Pork Butt
. Front shoulder
. Slow and pull for bbq

Spare ribs
. Leave skirt steak on

Pork belly
. Remove skin
. Sear fat side up

Chicken legs and thighs
. More flavor
. Grill, braise, fry


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