Breaded Fish or Chicken

by on July 4, 2013
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This is an unusual way to fix breaded fish. For this recipe, let’s assume that you are fixing two pieces of fish or chicken.

He will need two pieces of sponge bread.

Roll them as flat as possible using a rolling pin.
Season your meat however you feel like it.
Butter one side of the bread and place buttered side down over the top of your meat.
Flip over the pair and trim your bread to match the shape of your meat.
Flip back over and butter the top piece of bread.
Heat grill pan up to about 350 to 400°F
Flip the pair over so that buttered site is down.
Cook until bread is browned.
Flip over so that meat side is down.
If you are cooking fish, you only need to cook about 4 to 5 more minutes.
If you are cooking chicken, cook for about another 10 minutes.

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