Caramel Candies

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Fleur de Sel Caramels

(Salted Caramels)

1 1/2 C sugar
1/4 C corn syrup
1/2 C water
Stir and heat over a very big pan over medium high heat

1 C heavy cream
5 TBL butter
1 tsp Coarse Sea Salt

Caramel should be bubbling freely – somewhere between 220 and 240 degrees
Pour in heavy cream – prepare for a violent bubbling reaction
Stir with wooden spoon
Add in 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
Bring up to exactly 248 degrees
Less than 248 degrees, and it will be runny. Too high and it will be hard.

Line 8×8 inch pan with parchment paper
Brush it with oil
Pour 248 degree caramel into your greased pan

Set on a stone counter to cool
Let it cool until the bottom of your pan is just warm to the touch
Cut the slab into two equal rectangles
Roll each slab lengthwise into a rope, then cut in eight pieces
Sprinkle with more coarse sea salt
Wrap each piece in waxed paper

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