Caramel Souffle

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Soufflé . Martha Stewart

Butter individual ramekins . 10 oz
Sprinkle and spread Turbinado Sugar

1 C sugar
2 TBL water
Melt to carmelize
Add 2 C hot milk
Add 1 C warm cream

Bring almost to a boil
5 egg yolks
2 TBL Corn starch
2 TBL flour
2 TBL granulated sugar

Drizzle in caramel
Pour egg mixture back in pan and heat
Stir continually
Bring up to 230-240°
240-248° for caramel apples
Cover with plastic wrap until room temp

Beat 5 egg whites
Add 6 TBL sugar
After thick and frothy

Heat sugared ramekin in microwave for 20 seconds
Cook at 350° on lowest rack
Gently Temper all egg white into the custard
Fill cup nearly to the top
Clean rim
Microwave fill cup for 20 seconds
Cook 17 minutes
Serve hot

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