Casseroles: Tips and Tricks

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The goal of a casserole is not to prepare a restaurant-quality showpiece, but is rather to feed the hungry and heartbroken.

  • Allow for drainage, or you could get a soggy bottom. There are meatloaf pans that have holes in them to let the grease drop to the bottom of the pan.
  • A casserole should have kind of a creamy mouth feel to it, have a crunchy top (traditionally Ritz Crackers) and you should be able to identify the individual components within the casserole.
  • The advent of soup make it unnecessary to start with a bechemel sauce or veloute sauce.
  • Many meatloaf recipes use stale bread crumbs. Try these options:
    – Use a fresh and hearty loaf such as French bread
    – Use dry oatmeal – not minute oats, but traditional rolled oats


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