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Grandma Goman’s Christmas Pralines

by November 23, 2015

Chocolate Topped Butter Crunch


from the recipe box of Grandma Goman

Grandma Goman’s Bourbon Cookies


Potato Pancakes

by October 28, 2014

Potato Pancakes Laakes are thinner and crisp These will be fried in small one inch loose piles 2 Grated potatoes 1 beaten egg 1/4 C Cream or Buttermilk 1/4 C finely grated onion with its juice Nutmeg, salt and pepper Fry, then keep in over till served Alt Mix 1/4 Read more »

Grandma’s Beans

by May 19, 2014

Grandma’s Beans 1 C dry beans Wash in cold water Strain and remove any rocks, etc Add to 1.5 C warm water and 1 can stock in soup pan Cover and bring to a boil (or about 200°) Start timing, and cook 2 minutes Remove from heat and cover Let Read more »

Taquitos and Flautas

by May 26, 2013

The difference between taquitos and flautas are; the first is flour tortilla, and the second is made from corn tortillas. Ingredients: Beef, chicken, chorizo or pork – Cooked OR 1/4 C Onion, 1 potato and 6 oz chorizo Olive oil Carrots Cabbage Garlic Basil Cumin Coriander or cilantro Parsley Lime Read more »

Grandma’s Vegetable Dip

by May 15, 2013

INGREDIENTS One large steamed bowl of greens * chopped fine 1/2 cup Greek yogurt 1/4 cup sour cream 1/4 cup mayonnaise 2 TBL ranch dressing Salt and pepper and paprika to taste STEP BY STEP Serve with pita chips, corn chips, or sliced French loaf * Any kind Read more »

Grandma’s Fruit Pie

by April 16, 2013

Instructions Preheat oven to 375 degrees 1. Roll pie dough flat on floured surface 2. Roll to approx 11″ disk – use cover as template 3. Put into pie tin 4. Parchment paper over crust 5. Be sure to DOCK bottom of crust – not too many 6. Insert metal Read more »


by October 2, 2012

– Grandma’s Applesauce By Cynthia Cielle This is a really healthy and rustic applesauce. 4 apples – cut into about 16 pieces each Cover with water Bring up to a simmer and let cook 15-30 minutes until soft Squish using a potato masher Top with cinnamon and nutmeg Read more »

Spinach Pasta

by November 28, 2011
Image for Spinach Pasta

Grandma LOVES spinach pasta. This recipe was designed to make quick, but good, spinach pasta using a Kitchen Aid, and will make a total of about eight servings. We’ve also substituted Collard Greens and Kale with excellent results. Since I created this recipe though, I found a great source of Read more »