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Doggie Dental Treats

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Ingredients 2 C oatmeal (pulverized) 2 C whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon of Swanson Premium Activated Charcoal 2 ripe bananas 1/3 C peanut butter 4 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 egg 1/2 cup packed fresh mint 1/2 cup packed fresh Italian parsley 1 cup chicken broth or water Swanson GreenFoods Read more »

Pet Treats you should Never Give Your Pet

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The following treats can cause cancer in dogs. Milkbone Dog Biscuits – Contain BHA as a preservative – a known carcinogen Pup-peroni – BHA and propylene glycol, a major ingredient in anti-freeze Temptations – Actually can contain dead dogs and cats Beggin Strips – Contains food dyes not allowed Read more »

Grandpa’s Animals – COLLECTION INDEX

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Cancer-Causing Pet Treats – Five mainstream treats that are actually bad for your dog Hobo Dog Biscuits – Use up your refrigerator scraps to make healthy treats Ivermectin – Heart Gaard – Jury is still out on the efficacy of this recipe Veggie Dog Biscuits – A healthier option Meat Read more »


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Milk conversions and substitutions Use this link for different types of MILK CONVERSIONS. Chemicals Citric Acid Powder – 1/4 tsp – You can substitute 1 TBL bottled lemon juice – Cannot substitute Ascorbic Acid Lemon Juice – 1 TBL – You can substitute 1/4 tsp citric acid powder – Read more »

Care of your Non-Stick Skillets

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This includes teflon, ceramic, and all surfaces that claim to be non-stick. Please also review my post:  Care of your Cast Iron Skillets Teflon Tips Teflon, Ceramic and other non-stick finishes need to be taken care of.  Here are some tips that you may find useful. Wash and rub Read more »

Berndes 11 inch Skillet

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A SAD STORY WITH A GREAT OUTCOME – – – – – This was a GREAT skillet, but recently (7 years after purchase) it has become unusable.  We will find out if Berndes will stand behind their Lifetime Warranty. I will post their reply below.  I approached them as a Read more »

Our Garden – July 2016

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This has changed a bit, so I will make notes here.  Starting from the COLOR pot to the left and working my way around. I didn’t put any peppers in the pot with the color spots in them. The Basil has been replaced with Hatch Chilies Nothing Read more »

Grandpa’s Garden Tips

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Store your seed packets in a photo album for easy review and retrieval. Bake crushed egg shells at 350º for 20 minute to kill bacteria, then spread across your soil to slice the underbelly of snails. For those that you like, put a canning jar lid full of beer.  Read more »

Senior Discounts

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Since many senior discounts are not advertised to the public, our advice to men and women over 55 is to ALWAYS ask a sales associate if that store provides a senior discount. That way, you can be sure to get the most bang for you buck. Here is a list Read more »

Care of your Cast Iron Skillets

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Please also review my post: Care of your Non-Stick Skillets Starting to Rust? Steve, You said that your cast iron was starting to rust.  Also, food probably sticks to it when you use it. Seasoning Your Cast Iron You will want to do this with a new cast Read more »

Veggie Dog Biscuits

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INGREDIENTS Carrot pulp after juicing Two eggs One CU wheat flour STEP BY STEP Mix all ingredients together until the consistency of cookie dough letting your pup get an occasional lick as you mix things together. Roll out to about ¼ inch on a cookie sheet Let Read more »

Vitamins: Demystified

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Vitamin A Green vegetables with thin leaves, yellow vegetables and fruits and prunes. Promotes normal growth, soft skin, healthy organs, strong bones and teeth, steady nerves, night vision. Vitamin B Kale, broccoli, cabbage, cantalope, grapefruit, strawberries. Promotes normal growth, digestion, nerves, heart, energy, healthy skin. Read more »

Gila Farm Workday and Tour

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WATCH THE TOUR FULL-SCREEN BY CLICKING HERE YouTube Videos The IRC Farm Tour last weekend was an astounding success. There were several dozen people working and helping to prepare the soil for the next crop.Grandpa (me… from Grandpa’s Corner) was there with his video Read more »

Math Logic Puzzle

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One man wanted to get in to his work, but he forgot his PIN. Although, he remembered certain clues for his PIN. (Here are the 5 clues) A *The 1st number is 1 less than twice the 2nd number A = 2B – 1 B Read more »

BOOKS by Grandpa

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BOOKS Grandpa’s Flops and How to Avoid Them Cooking for 1-1/2 Timeshare Cooking Dormitory Cooking My Favorite Recipes IDEAS TO SELL BOOKS Offer FREE cooking classes at timeshare resorts Bring my own burners Timeshare Front Desks Hotels College Campus Parent/Child magazine Travel magazine Read more »

Grandpa Got a New Fridge

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Ye-ha. Grandpa is happy. Unfortunately, Grandpa ordered a 32 inch fridge to fit through a 29 inch door.  OOPS. The two guys that delivered the refrigerator took it in stride though, and just took the doors and wheels off to fit it through the doorway.  Sheesh! Being a strange sort Read more »

Bay Laurel Tree

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Bay leaf, dried leaves of the Laurel tree, is also known as sweet bay, laurel leaf, sweet laurel or bay laurel. While bay is a popular spice found in almost every kitchen across America, it may come as a surprise that one of your favorite spices is also a traditional Read more »

How to Make Towel Animals: VIDEO

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MS Rotterdam – Holland America CLICK HERE TO VIEW This is a quick demonstration of how to make towel animals, or perhaps fold your cloth napkins

Galley Tour – MS Rotterdam: VIDEO

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CLICK HERE TO VIEW This is a “look behind the scenes” of the Holland America MS Rotterdam