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Recipes from Mama’s Kitchen

by August 5, 2016

Found an old cookbook that I started back about 1985.  Here are some of the recipes: Lazy-agna (Lasagna) Crocker Doodle Doo (Crock Pot Chicken) Super Duper Egg Sandwich French Cakes French Toast Miner’s Lunch Hamburgers with veggies  – onion, carrot – 350º for one hour Read more »

Sloppy Tony

by May 16, 2016

INGREDIENTS 1 LB hamburger 1 LB sausage 3 C marinara sauce 1/2 C chicken broth STEP BY STEP Brown meat and break it up Add about 3  C of sauce stir until all sauce is absorbed Add your chicken broth Cover and simmer 30 minutes Cut hamburger Read more »


by May 14, 2016

These are the recipes that I am hoping to demonstrate on Phoenix Channel 11 Know 99 local TV channel. Know 99 – Phoenix Local Cable TV Know99@phoenix.gov Chuck Emmret @ 602-534-5100 Cooking when you don’t know how Five Minute Meals Scrambled Eggs and Toast New Life for Left-over Read more »

The Five Mother Sauces

by April 21, 2016

These five sauces are the building blocks for most other sauces Béchemel – A white sauce – Roux plus dairy – usually milk or cream Velouté – A white sauce – Roux plus a clear stock – chicken, vegetable or fish Espagnole – Roux plus a brown stock – Read more »

Cutting apart a whole chicken

by May 28, 2013

… or more accurately (albeit brutally) called Butchering a Chicken. When you butcher your own chicken, you are assured of the freshest meat. It is not that difficult, and there are more reasons why you should do it, rather than reasons you should not. STEP BY STEP Turn breast Read more »

Egg Nog from Scratch

by May 26, 2013

Egg Nog with Raw Eggs INGREDIENTS 4 eggs (separated) 3 oz Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey 1 CU heavy cream 1 PT whole milk (not skim) 1 tsp grated nutmeg 1/3 CU sugar 1 TBL sugar additional STEP BY STEP Separate white from the yolks. Set whites Read more »

Grandpa Got a New Fridge

by February 18, 2012

Ye-ha. Grandpa is happy. Unfortunately, Grandpa ordered a 32 inch fridge to fit through a 29 inch door.  OOPS. The two guys that delivered the refrigerator took it in stride though, and just took the doors and wheels off to fit it through the doorway.  Sheesh! Being a strange sort Read more »

Shopping List Salsa

by January 24, 2012

ADD MY VIDEO BACK IN LATER This is perfect when you want about a quart of salsa. Just buy the ingredients, process, and you are done! The video above is Grandpa showing you just how easy this recipe is. INGREDIENTS: Shopping List: 2 Tomatoes 1 Green chili pepper 1 Read more »

Rolling Sushi and Sushi Rice: VIDEO

by September 11, 2011

Here is a recipe for making your own sushi rice INGREDIENTS 3 C short grain rice AKA Sushi Rice, Glutinous Rice or Pearl Rice Very starchy and sticky OR if you can’t find any, add 1 TBL cornstarch to your rice 3 C water MIX BELOW – Read more »