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These are recipes that Grandpa has served for breakfast. Some of them are really easy, cause Grandpa is not a morning person. Some are good for when Grandpa is feeling a bit frisky in the morning.


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Crepe Lasagna Cok au Vin Crepe Filling


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Spelled by some Fritatta, but according to Google, the title spelling is correct. New Life Frittata Zucchini Frittata North American Frittata Spanish European Frittata    

Brunch Quiche

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Use the specified pastry dough recipe, but add a bit of rosemary to it. Quiche filling: 6 eggs 1-1/2 C half and half Salt, pepper Gruyere Add desired ingredients Cooked bacon Cheddar cheese Gruyere cheese Onion Spinach Chives Mushrooms Tomatoes Bake 350º for about 30 minutes Read more »

Ice Cream French Toast

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INGREDIENTS 6 egg yolks 1/2 C sugar 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp vanilla extract scant salt 1 C whole milk 1 C heavy whipping cream Soft bread (brioche, banana bread, croissant, Hawaiian rolls, etc) 4 TBL clarified butter (for the fry pan) STEP BY STEP Cream together Read more »

Ready-to-eat Meusli

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INGREDIENTS 1 C raw oats (not instant) 2 TBL chopped almonds 1 TBL chopped pecans 1 TBL chopped walnuts 1 TBL chopped pistachios 1 TBL pumpkin seeds 1 TBL chia seeds 1 TBL sunflower seeds 1 TBL flax 2 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp salt 3 TBL melted butter 2 Read more »

Egg Taco

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You have PROBABLY had a taco some time in your life, or at least heard of one, so are familiar with the concept. With this breakfast recipe, you eliminate the taco shell and replace it with an egg. INGREDIENTS 1 egg for each taco 1 thin slice of toast Read more »

Fried Egg Taco w/o the Taco Shell

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Ingredients Egg Garnish Toast Step by Step Separate your egg and yolk. SLOW cook your egg white over medium low heat Once it has set (2-3 minutes) you can add your yolk back on Continue to let it cook until it becomes harder (like a taco shell) Read more »

Pumpkin Bread

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Ingredients 1 can (12 oz) raw pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix – see note at bottom) 2 oz canola oil 2 TBL buttermilk 2 eggs 2 oranges – juice and zest 1 C sugar 1 tsp salt spice mixture (see below) 1 TBL baking soda 3 C AP flour Read more »

Cindy’s Eggs

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INGREDIENTS Tomato pieces Frozen chopped spinach Optional sliced ham Cheese Egg More Cheese STEP BY STEP Grease a muffin ring (or steel tuna can) Preheat your skillet to about 350º Put in about 1/4 C tomato pieces (heated) Put in 2 TBL chopped spinach (heated) Put sliced Read more »

Grinding your own Grits

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Credits and Disclaimers The following procedure has been lifted entirely from www.food-skills-for-self-sufficiency.com This is an incredible site for practical real-world skills, rules and tools for self-sufficiency. Please use the above link to visit their site for many more things that you never even realized you needed to know how Read more »


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Grits are nothing more than ground kernels of corn. The grain mill is the most expensive and most important piece of equipment when grinding your own grits.  Here are two alternatives: – Palmetto Farms Stone Ground Grits – Anson Mills Pencil Cobb Grits INGREDIENTS 2 C Read more »

Pizza Scrap Frittata

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INGREDIENTS Left over pizza crusts 3 eggs 1/4 C milk 1/2 C shredded cheese (Mexican mix) yellow and white Crushed tomatoes Basil STEP BY STEP Cut your crusts into 3/4 inch pieces Put into a greased baking ramekin Add tomato pieces and basil Mix your milk, eggs Read more »

Sweet Empanadas

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START HERE to read about the dough that you will be using. You will then have a link to return to this recipe. INGREDIENTS 1 Cup Plums . diced 1/2 C Apricots . diced 1 lime . Zest and juice 1 pinch 1 tsp corn starch 1/4 Read more »

Frittata – New Life for Old Food

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A frittata is just a fancy way to say casserole.  You can really put just about anything in your frittata.  Here is something that I made that turned out very well. INGREDIENTS Left-over breakfast ham Left-over French Fries Left-over peas 1/4 C left-over cottage cheese 4 eggs 1/4 C Read more »

Zucchini Frittata

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Think of this recipe as a general idea and improvise. Use cooked greens like spinach and chard instead of all or part of the potato. Or before cooking the vegetables, saute several slices of good bacon or pancetta in the skillet until barely browned. Remove from the skillet and set Read more »

Mini French Toast Medallions

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If you eat at Olive Garden, you know that you receive an unlimited supply of breadsticks. Take them home and you will have a great breakfast surprise. INGREDIENTS for preparing two breadsticks Take-home left over breadsticks One egg 2-3 TBL buttermilk (or whole milk) 2-3 TBL of melted butter Read more »

Banana Muffins

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Ingredients 2 bananas 1 TBL flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp salt 3 eggs Fruit for the bottom of the cup Step by Step Preheat oven to 400º Crush bananas Combine flour, salt and baking powder Mix in eggs Place fruit (raspberries?) on the bottom of Read more »

Egg Basket Breakfast

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For each person, One egg – plus… 3/4 inch slices of French bread 1/4 inch slice of Gruyere or Swiss cheese 1/4 C shaved ham 1/4 C beef or chicken broth 1/4 C white wine For each serving use an oven-proof ramekin Cover bottom with TOASTED French bread Cover with Read more »

Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

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INGREDIENTS A muffin ring or even a tuna can with both ends removed One egg Shaved (thin) ham Sliced or shredded cheddar cheese Onion diced – one slice STEP BY STEP If you haven’t tried my recipe for English Muffins, you should. That being said, this is Read more »

Frozen make ahead egg sandwiches

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Mix 12 eggs with 1/2 tsp salt Pepper to taste 1/4 cup cream Create egg mixture with above ingredients Grease sheet pan Pour egg mixture onto pan Optionally top with one can of green chilies Bake at 425° for 12 minutes Lay a slice of grated cheddar, Swiss or (gasp) Read more »