Chicken Courgette

by on January 21, 2014
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Notes are from Nevin Maguire: home chef – PBS cooking show

Take chicken thighs and remove the bone.
Flatten them with the bottom of a pan
Stuff them with chicken moose. See recipe below
Wrapped in foil, and bake with the rest of your chicken.

Chicken moose
Egg white
Bleu cheese
Salt, pepper
Beat egg whites until they have doubled in volume
Blend all together in the food processor

Bake at 350° for 20 to 25 minutes


Wings and drumsticks

Sear in hot pan
Add chopped miopois vegetables
Remove browned chicken to a stockpot
Deglaze pan with a little bit of pork and red wine
After deglaze has finished dump in with rest of chicken
Add some broth to cover
Add Bayleaf and bouquet garni of Rosemary and thyme
Reduce heat to simmer and it will cook the same amount of time as the above chicken


Sear breasts skin side down in oven-safe skillet
As soon as skin is well seared, slide into the oven with other chicken


Remove courgette from foil
Slice on bias
Serve on top of red onion sautéed with red wine and port, then reduced


Serve other chicken pieces with mashed potatoes – your favorite recipe

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