Chile Relleno Omlette

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1 egg
1 carton (2 egg) egg-beaters
½ CU shredded Monterey Jack
¼ CU sharp cheddar
2 tsp (lite) sour cream
scant salt
whole roasted/peeled green chilis

1. Beat egg, combine with egg beaters, separate into two small bowls
2. Mix one tsp sour cream into each bowl of egg mixture
3. Mix in optional dash of salt
4. Heat butter in omelet pan or crepe pan
5. Empty one bowl of egg mixture into pan
6. Spread evenly – make sure cooked mixture stays free of sticking
7. When eggs are set, but not dry, sprinkle Monterey Jack onto the eggs
8. Lay green chilis over top of cheese perpendicular to the handle
9. Sprinkle tops of chilis with a bit of the cheese
10. With a spatula, fold over 1/3 of the omelet (closest to the handle)
11. Fold over opposite third of the omelet
12. Cook briefly, then flip so that folded edges are on the bottom.
13. Cook briefly, then slide onto the serving plate
14. Apply cheddar cheese and garnish as desired

– Avocado
– Chives
– Sour Cream
– Diced tomato
– Mushrooms
– Cilantro

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