Cow Parts – Disection

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Meat Grades
. Sterling – Restaurant Quality . More expensive than Prime, but worth it.
. Omaha Steaks – Prime . Most expensive . Best . Lots of marbling
About $3 more than choice
. Choice . Most common
. Select . Little marbling . Stay away

Back Side . The Round
. Top Round Roast
. Bottom Round Roast
. Bottom Round Rump Roast
. Eye Round Roast
inexpensive, but not a lot of fat and not a lot of flavor
these are fairly tough, and require a long cooking time and lots of spices

Fore Shoulder . Chuck
. Top blade roast . Above the shoulder blade
. . . A fair amount of fat, and a pretty good choice
. Chuck seven bone roast
. Chuck Eye roast . In the center of the ribs
. . . Lots of flavor, a little bit more fat . Best choice
. Chuck shoulder roast . Cut into ribs sometimes

Ribs . Just behind the chuck and in front of the loin

Loin . center back of cow

Brisket front breast of cow . above fore legs

Sirloin . Just behind loin, in front of round
. Rib Roast . 1st cut
. Rib Roast . 2nd cut
. Tri-Tip Roast
. Top Loin Roast
. Tenderloin
. Top Sirloin Roast . Lots of flavor . Cooks more quickly


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