Crème Brûlée

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From Nevin Maguire’s TV Show

10 egg yolks

150 gm sugar
Vanilla bean into sugar
Whisk in cream to thick consistency

Mix into yolks
NEVER put sugar directly onto yolks

Add 300 ml or 10 fl oz of whole milk
700 ml of cream aka 1.25 pints
. . . . (1/4 milk and 3/4 cream)
Whisk GENTLY with no foam or bubbles
Strain through a sieve


Fill shallow ceramic dishes nearly to the top

Pop any bubbles
Bake at 210° F for 45 minutes
. with tray of 2 cups water in oven
If necessary 10 more minutes
Cool to room temperature


Blend brown sugar until powdery
Sprinkle over ramekins
Shakes excess back into sugar bowl
Burn from outside to inside

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