Crepe Breakfast Cake

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Make a stack of crepes – about 6-8. Keep them under a damp towel after cooking so that they don’t dry out.

Here is my CREPE RECIPE.

Step by Step – Be Creative

  • Stack the crepes on a serving dish and layer one crepe, then spread a thin layer of cream cheese.
  • Another crepe and then jelly.
  • Another crepe then Nutella or drizzled Nestle Chocolate Syrup
  • Another crepe and a thin layer of scrambled egg
  • Another crepe and more cream cheese
  • Continue until you feel you have made enough to feed everyone.
  • End with a a crepe on top.
  • Carefully cut them into eight wedges and serve with syrup or honey.

For a lunch crepe (ala quiche style) substitute chicken, egg, turkey or tuna salad for some of the sweeter ingredients.  Perhaps a layer of Romaine lettuce

Alternate layers or toppings are: caramel sauce, mocha whipped cream, regular whipped cream, chocolate pastry cream, flavored pudding, bananas, jam, chocolate ganache, slivered almonds, etc.

Photo from Martha Stewart magazine, but this is Grandpa’s recipe.

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