Cutting apart a whole chicken

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… or more accurately (albeit brutally) called Butchering a Chicken.

When you butcher your own chicken, you are assured of the freshest meat. It is not that difficult, and there are more reasons why you should do it, rather than reasons you should not.


  1. Turn breast side down
  2. Pull wing down, cut along skin and joint
  3. Separate thigh from the carcas – cut right in the middle of flap of skin
  4. Continue to pull apart and cut skin
  5. When you get own to the bone, pull down so that you can cut into joint
  6. Move skin away and separate thigh from the leg

Back bend down to break to free the back

Cut back apart for stock

Upside down

Point of knife into cartlidge

Halve breast bone, leave in for cooking – added flavor

  1. , CUT ALOup side down,
  2. Crack breastbone w/ knife or scissors
  3. push down & lift out breastbone.
  4. Separate rib meat, follow down rib w/ sharp knife – remove ribs.
  5. Use bones for stock.

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