Double Jack Stew

by on April 1, 2015
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(1) Skirt steak . Chunked
. Marinate 24 hours
Applejack, Jack Daniels, stout, mustard, agave syrup, garlic, salt, pepper

(2) Strain . Reserve liquid
Sear meat over high heat
Chopped onion to caramelize
Add a bit of flour
(4) Stir to combine and brown
Splash Jack Daniels to deglaze
Add oregano, bay leaf, thyme,
Add chicken stock to deglaze
Beef stock to bring up to stew level
Drop heat and simmer 60 minutes
(6) Add carrot, turnips, potatoes
Cover and Simmer 15 more minutes
(8) Add1/2 c of buttermilk mixed with 3 tbl flour

Boxty Cakes
(3) Separate pot . Heat to brown cauliflower
Pieces of cauliflower
Add chicken stock . Cook 20 minutes
(5) Potatoes . Peeled and cubed
Use strainer to remove after 10 minutes
Add a bit of cream cheese
Beat to blend

(7) Grate one potato and cover with milk
Add 1 beaten egg, thyme, garlic, baking powder, salt, pepper, flour
Create a dough
Mix in with cooked potatoes above
Add chicken stock if it is too dry
Almost like pancake batter
Flip like a pancake

(9) Top pancake with stew
Dollop with sour cream
Garnish with greens

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