Dough – Notes from The Great British Baking Show

by on October 10, 2015
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Fruit Pies

Butter should be cold
If fruit is overcooked, it releases liquid making for a wet bottom crust
Add orange zest for added flavor
Add a bit of polenta for a more grainy texture and takes up some of the moisture
Corn starch will also take up some of the liquid
If you put a dry frangipane (almond cream) in the bottom it will also soak up liquid
Apples and cinnamon are a classic combination
The key is making sure the pastry is baked through
Use a springform pan to let some of the liquid drop out… maybe ?!?

Custard Tarts

A British classic
Outer sweet pastry filled with egg custard, dusted with nutmeg, and baked
Insides cannot be runny or watery
– flour
– almonds
– chilled batter
Breadcrumb texture, then add an egg, then let it rest
Some thicken the custard before the bake,
– others pour it in raw and bake them
Let them cool an hour before removing from the tart pan

Filo Pastry Pie

Spanikopita, baklava, m’hanncha, etc
Combines water, a bit of EVOO and high gluten flour
Vinegar tenderizes the gluten strands which allows
The alchemy of baking
You need to overwork it
Is a food processor better than hand mixing?
Should be thin enough to read the paper through it
The dough should be rested to allow the fibers to relax
Roll as flat as possible
Once rolled you need to stretch it
– this can be in small sections, or one giant sheet
Once filled, it has to be rolled into a rope
The thinner the sheets, the flakier the end product
Fruits can release their liquids and make a soggy bottom if you are not careful

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