Dutch Oven Family Style Dinner

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Braise one bratwurst per person in a Dutch Oven on the stovetop
Remove cooked brats, leaving fond in pan bottom
Wash small new potatoes
Prep (halve and quarter and chop) cabbage, corn, parsnips, carrots, onion,
. Just enough for your people
Lay whole potatoes in the bottom of the pan
Layer cabbage
Later ears of corn
Later other veggies into pan
Top with peeled garlic, thyme, bay leaves
Cut brats in 4 pieces each and put on top of veggies
Add 1 c broth or beer to deglaze
Heat until steam starts to come out
Cover, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes
Add chopped bell peppers, broccoli
Cook 15 more minutes
Test potatoes . If they are soft it is done
Plate family style
Put half liquid over the top
Make gravy with the other half

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