Easy Cheese Omelet

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Plan on using two eggs for each omelet.
Break all eggs into small bowls (or pinch pots) for as many people as want omelets.
Pour into mixing bowl, beat the egg well, then return to your pinch pot.

Heat small skillet to about 300 degrees. A drop of water should dance on the surface of the skillet. You DO NOT want your skillet too hot though.

Cook eggs individually. Each egg will take only about two minutes each.

Add a bit (2 tsp) of olive oil to the hot pan
Tip the pan to spread the oil across bottom of pan.
Pour the egg into the skillet.
Tip the pan to spread the egg across the bottom of the pan
Let the egg cook until it is not jiggly any more.
Sprinkle a bit of cheese across the face of the egg.
Using a spatula, roll the egg into a tube, or just fold it in half.
Put onto serving plates.

Serve with salsa, ketchup, or any other of your favorite condiments.

* Optional: Dice any of the following and sprinkle on before you put the cheese on
Ham, cooked bacon, cooked onion, mushroom, bell pepper, peppers, olives, chives

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