Edible Garden

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Edible Garden

4 boards, notched . Lincoln Logs

Top Soil Plus
Blood and bone for fruity vegetables
Bag Bed . Right on the concrete
. Notched boards works this way too
Don’t use soils with peat moss . Acidic
Check mur acid . Muriatic?!?!
Ceramic pots . Insulate
. Resin pots are better
Artichoke . Fertilize in fall
Pinch off seed tips
Ollas . Buried ceramic pot for timed irrigation
Pomegranates . Well drained soil . LOTS of water . Support or trellis
Blueberries like cactus soil . Lots of acid . Do not like calcium buildup which will rob of nutrients
Yarro . Medicinal . Aches
Lemon grass . Citronella . Trim back just before spring
Phosphates for tomatoes every 4-6 weeks
White flies . Hose off every other day . Nemo . Traps . Hummer feeders near white flies


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