Eggs Benedict

by on September 21, 2015
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Prepare Hollandaise sauce – RECIPE HERE

Poach eggs – Standard procedure
If you are poaching in simmer water in a pan, put a bit of vinegar into the water. It will help the egg stay together.

Toast English muffin

Heat up ham on medium heat
Alternately you can use prime rib, lobster, scallops, chicken, turkey, pork, etc.

Steam spinach, asparagus, etc

Assemble: Muffin, meat, spinach, egg, Hollandaise


1. Saute spinach lightly in 1 TBL olive oil -OR-
1. Heat slices of ham in fry pan
2. Place spinach or ham topping over buttered English muffin or hash browns
3. Place poached or lightly fried egg on top of topping
4. Spoon Hollandaise over top
5. Garnish with parsley, cinnamon, chives, paprika or any other topping

Hollandaise Sauce

Click to view entire place setting.

Photo does not show ham cause Grandma does not like ham, and Grandpa likes FAR too much Hollandaise Sauce to appeal to most people or to photograph well.

  1. On the bottom, one half toasted Thomas English Muffin.
  2. On the muffin, one or two rounds of ham. I like to use Black Forest ham and cut a circle using a muffin ring or soup can.
  3. On the ham, 1/4 cup steamed Collards, Kale, Spinach or other IRC Gila Farm green. Chop them, then squeeze the liquid out, then chop again.
  4. On the greens, one poached egg
  5. Over the egg use THIS RECIPE

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