Enchilada Lasagna

by on April 16, 2013
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Enchilada Sauce – From recipe at this site

1/2 breast leftover chicken
4 Corn Tortillas
Grated cheese (to taste)


See recipe for Enchilada Sauce – Prepare before proceeding.

1. Spray individual serving casserole bowl with oil
2. Place tortilla in bottom of each bowl
3. Put cheese on (top of) tortillas
4. Place shredded chicken on top
5. More cheese on top
6. Spoon hot sauce over top of what you’ve done so far
– Wiggle stuff around so it leaks into the cracks between ingredients
7. Put tortilla over top of mixture and spread liberally with more sauce
8. Sprinkle with more cheese
9. (Cover to minimize splatter and) Cook in microwave for 90 seconds
10. Remove and serve

Option: Add some chopped cilantro just after you add the chicken.

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