Fish tips from Alton Brown

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1. Lube your fish up then rub with salt and pepper inside and out
2. Wrap VERY tightly in foil and cook at 500 degrees for 30 minutes or (better yet) internal temperature of 120 degrees, but DON’T OVERCOOK
3. Plate on top of bed of fresh parsley and dill, and garnish with lemon slices

Try to hide your fish, layering the ingredients like this:


OIL FISH are smelt, mackerel, herring and orange roughy
Rinse, dredge, fry in film of peanut oil 3-4 minutes per side, then drain
Serve with slices of lemon
To dredge: dip in lemon then roll in crumbs with salt and pepper (or toss)

Whitefish or trout is the best choice for PLANK COOKING
Soak wooden plank overnight, using brick to keep submerged.
Grill with INDIRECT HEAT at 375-400 degrees and cook until wood begins to char (about 20 minutes)
Internal temp will be about 125 degrees
Serve right on the plank

DO NOT USE plain wood, as it may have chemicals. Make sure your wood is Furniture grade, untreated and kiln dried.
Good woods are: Cedar, alder, maple, hickory, cherry, pecan, apple, white oak

Notes Slow moving fish (such as grouper) have a light meat and subtle mild flavor. They also overcook very easily.

Fast fish (such as tuna) have an oily steaklike texture.

Striped bass is the most versatile, and is firm but stil flakey

Cut off all fins (except the tail) early so you don’t stick yourself. A fish wound gets easily infected.

Store fish on ice, but allow it to drain. You DO NOT want your fish to set in water for any time at all. If this is done properly, a fresh fish could last 304 days.

Scale fish outside, or somewhere that the zillions of scales will not cause a problem. Just hold it by the tail and go back and forth with a knife held perpendicular to the body.

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