Grandpa’s Fried Chicken

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Create Chicken Marinate

Marinate chicken breasts overnight in buttermilk mixture

When ready to drain, dredge and fry

  1. Mix together dredge in a large bowl or a bag:  1/2 C AP flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1 TBL cornstarch, 1 TBL Grandpa's Thunder Powder, Arghh Powder, or other.
  2. Drain chicken well, and put into flour mixture and let rest an hour
  3. Heat Canola to 365° in cast iron
  4. DO NOT put too much oil or chicken . Keep temp between 350° and 365°
  5. Flip about every 4-5 minutes . Fry till golden brown – total about 8-12 minutes
  6. Drain on clean newspaper and sprinkle with salt while still hot
  7. For extra crunch, let cool, then return to fry pan for an extra four minutes.



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