Fried Egg Taco w/o the Taco Shell

by on December 22, 2016
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  • Egg
  • Garnish
  • Toast

Step by Step

  1. Separate your egg and yolk.
  2. SLOW cook your egg white over medium low heat
  3. Once it has set (2-3 minutes) you can add your yolk back on
  4. Continue to let it cook until it becomes harder (like a taco shell)
  5. Add a piece of toast and some salsa.
  6. Very good, but very messy.

NOTE:  It is not quite so messy, if you break the yolk 60 seconds before serving and let it set slightly in the hot skillet.


Here is a VERY simple salsa that is as mild or as hot as you like. The one shown below has 4 cherry tomatoes, a wedge of bell pepper, a small piece of celery, one garlic clove, a bit of onion, and that is all. I pulsed it in the blender for about 5 seconds. DONE.


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