Fruits and Veggies – Storing Them

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Fruits and Veggies – Storing Them

. No mold
. Smaller is sweeter
. Moisture is BAD
. wash, dry, spin
. Put in paper towels, refrigerate

Melons . Cantaloupe
. Look and feel heavier than it looks
. Netting should be raised
. Soft, but not mushy
. Should not be yellow . Over ripe
. Deseed over a strainer
. . Press over 1 C simple syrup . Smoothie?
. Celophane is a good wrap for cut melons

. Buy . Tight hush is fresh
. . Loose is drying out
. . Pop off one kernel easily is fresh
. Store . On counter in bag with hole or paper
. . Store as they are displayed at the grocery
. Freeze . Cut off, spread out, freeze, bag
. . 6-8 months
. Prepare . Do not overcook

Herbs – parsley, thyme, rosemary, cilantro
. Buy . Make sure not wilted . Smell
. Rinse them and shake
. Wrap in paper towel, store in plastic bag
. BASIL – Stay away from water
. . Store like flowers . Put in a vase
. . Plastic bag here is OK
. Long term storage – Cut them up and put them in an ice cube tray

Broccoli, Lettuce and Celery
. Wrap loosely in aluminum foil

Berries and Cherries
. Don’t wash
. Store in humidor

. Store halved avocado with the pit still in it – – GUACAMOLE
. Store in the container with water over the top
. When ready to use, pour off the water and stir it a bit


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