Potato Gnocci

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Use kitchen aid with batter beater
Four potatoes
Add 1 egg
Add 2.5 c flour all at once
If after mixing for a while it looks kind of dry, add another egg.

Turn onto board and mix and shape by hand until you have one large ball

Break off tennis ball size and work by hand into log
Cut into small bite-size pieces. Do not eat!
Roll into a ball, press with fork. Roll onto tines of fork. Whatever. Just create little indentations that will retain sauce.

Whole Thyme, chopped zucchini and whole garlic into hot pot . These classically go together.
Add radiccio . Shredded
Remove thyme and garlic
After cooked, add whole Gorgonzola cheese chopped
Add a bit of nutmeg
1/4 c cream

Bring large pot of salted water up to boil.
Reduce to a fast simmer.
Start gnocci . They are done when they float to the top of the pot.

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