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There are certain gadgets and things that should be in every kitchen.  Some are nice-to-haves but some are essential.  Here is Grandpa’s list of things that you need for your kitchen, with a rating of 1, 2 3, or 4 pomegranates.  This translates to (1) OK if you like to own gadgets, (2) This is really helpful, but only if you have enough space to store it, (3) You should really try to make room for this, and (4) After using this a few times, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.  Click on the item name to be taken to t(or other) o order one.

Microplane Grater  This is good for zesting lemons, oranges, nutmeg, cheese and many other things.  You will use this fairly often.
OXO Good Grips Y Peeler Any peeler is a must-have, but this is the one that I like.  Don’t invest too much money cause they will become dull after a year or two of normal use.  Just throw it away and get another one when this happens – don’t try to sharpen it.
  Digital Kitchen Scale
IR Gun Thermometer This SOUNDS like it is just a fun toy, but I use mine several times each week.  This is good for pancakes (350º)  scrambling an egg (300º)  making caramel (385º) and setting the temperature of your bath (105º).  I also use it to test the pavement to see if it is too hot for my dog without her booties (120º)
  ThermaPen by ThermoWorks  A thermapen is used to
Wireless Cooking Thermometer
   Paring Knife
   Bread Knife
   Chef’s Knife
  Bench Knife
  Crinkle Cutter


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