Gnocci in a Pan Sauce

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Evoo in hot pan
Diced onions
Red pepper flakes
Bay leaf
1 part Cream
1 part Vermouth or White Wine
2 parts Stock
Bring to boil then reduce to simmer
Add tarragon, thyme, salt and white pepper
Continue to simmer until it reduces to about half
… Then strain

2 potatoes . Potato pieces in boiling water to al dente
Do not overcook
Run through food mill
2 egg yolks
Nutmeg, white pepper, 1 tbl butter
Only enough flour to creat play-dough consistency
Should not stick to fingers
Do not over-mix
Roll onto floured surface
Roll into tube
Cut into pieces
Roll into little balls
Use fork to create ridges
Boiling water until they rise . About 30 seconds
Return pan sauce to a simmer
Add gnocci, shredded meat, porcici slices
One more TBL butter
Serve with straining spoon
Top with Parm/Regiano cheese

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