Grandpa’s Garden Tips

by on July 4, 2016
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  • Store your seed packets in a photo album for easy review and retrieval.
  • Bake crushed egg shells at 350º for 20 minute to kill bacteria, then spread across your soil to slice the underbelly of snails.
  • For those that you like, put a canning jar lid full of beer.  They will drink themselves to death.
  • Use Acrylic or Oil paints to create informal arts plant ID rocks
  • Not the artsy type, use plastic forks and a Sharpie to create plant markers
  • Coffee grounds in your soil helps repel pests AND fertilizes your garden.
  • Soak your seeds for 24 hours to give them a germination jump start
  • Put colored bottles around your garden for a bit of whimsey
  • Use a shipping palate to create a vertical garden
  • A rain gutter makes a garden trough along the top of your fence.  Use spaghetti tubing for irrigation
  • A gauze strip will wick water into your house plants while you are on an extended vacation
  • Use a toilet paper roll as a seedling pot
  • Create a water bottle sprinkler using duct tape and your garden hose
  • Use cinnamon as a rooting compound to repel fungus.

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