Grillades for Brunch

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Grillades for Brunch
Veal shoulder cut into thin medallion cutlets
Pallard them a bit
Alt meats: pork shoulder
Heat bacon drippings in pan . It doesn’t have to be too deep, but should essentially be standing depth. That is, about one eighth inch deep . Alt canola oil
When hot, flour your cutlets and put into the hot oil
They will brown quickly on both sides
As you remove the first cutlets into the pan, add in chopped onion to start to caramelize
Add celery, garlic, and red / greem bell peppers
Bay leaves and red pepper flakes and salt
After fond starts to develop, add crushed tomatoes
Add back in cutlets, then veal stock so that meat is NOT covered
Cover and simmer while you cook your grits

Serve with grits1:4 grits:water
Let simmer 45 minutes

Add tobasco, worchestershire and thyme near the end

Add butter, cream cheese or marscapone, mozzerella, green chiles to taste

Top with chopped chives


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