Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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A large diameter French bread or other dense bread
Thin slice of Black Forest ham (sliced thin)
Thin slice of Adagio or Swiss cheese

1. Cut bread into thin slices
2. Cut the crusts off four slices, and put a dab of mayo on each piece
3. Put thin slices of ham on the sandwich
4. Put crust on top, so you now have two sandwiches
5. Spread butter on outside top and bottom of bread slices
6. Cook sandwich in a skillet until it browns
– Put a large mixing bowl over top so the cheese completely melts
7. Serve with sides of bread butter pickles, gerkins, capers, and some dijon mustard
8. Quarter the sandwiches and serve with fries

Variations You can use this same recipe with bacon, lettuce and tomato for a very good BLT.

For your BLT, cut the bacon in half, and WEAVE the slices together so they don’t slip out.

For a twist, put jalapeƱos, aged cheddar and mascarpone cheese


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