Growing herbs inside

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Basic notes from P. Alan Smith Garden Style TV program

Herbs that grow well inside are Rosemary, onion chives, and basil.

Herbs that take a little more effort, but can still grow inside are thyme, cilantro, sage, and parsley

The main thing you need is sun, well drained soil, and consistent moisture.

Terra cotta pot with herb gardening soil.

If you use plants that have been grown in biodegradable peat pots, be sure to remove the top portion so that it does not stick out of the top of the soil. If it does, it will wick moisture away from the plants.

Also, break the bottom out of the pot to make it easier for the roots to grow into the soil.

Rosemary prefers warm, sunny and dry environment

Chives are very hardy but do you like occasional attention.

Basil grows well, but does not tolerate cold in the least. Make sure they are not outside if the temperature is going to drop below 40°. Basil likes lots of water.

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